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Apr 30th, 2017, 02:10am

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  Hi from Germany
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Hi from Germany
« Thread started on: Nov 23rd, 2010, 3:02pm »

Hello everybody,

my name is Sasha and I live in a very rural area of southern Germany so my chances of ever running into Jake on chance are close to zero.

On the other hand - Orlando Bloom shot a movie not too far from where I live a couple of months ago - so who knows.

I first saw Jake on "Bubble boy" but didn't even remember his name back then.
I noticed him somemore when he dated Reese, one of my favourite actresses.
Again, I forgot about him quickly as I hadn't seen any other movie of him than Bubble boy.
Ever since I saw him on "Prince of Persia" though he has completly taken over my life.
I wake up thinking of him, I go to sleep thinking of him and I feel like I need to be talking about him with someone or I'll go crazy.

So thank for creating this wonderful page!

I just close my eyes and imagine that's me he's kissing!
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